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Rates are dependent on the size of the room, and the soilage of your carpet. We always proved an exact quote, before any work is performed at the time of your appointment.

Here is a general guideline of our rates:

Bedroom walk area & hall $79.95 (our minimum rate).

Additional average room $24.95

Larger room and/or empty room may have additional rates.


Additional services:

Spot / stain removal

Extremely heavily soiled areas

Pet stain and / or pet odor treatment

Wax removal

Red stain removal


Do you recommend carpet protectors and how do they work? Yes, and some carpet warrantees require re-application of certain protectors after each cleaning. Protectors repel soil and spills making vacuuming more efficient and allow more time to clean up after a spill.   I always caution that carpet protectors are not “bullet-proof”.

How do I choose a carpet cleaner? Always make sure the person actually cleaning your carpet is IICRC certified. Ask the technician for a copy of their “current” certificate before any work is done. Be aware that a business or firm may be certified, but the actual technician doing the work may not be.

Does bigger cleaning equipment provide better results? No. Always remember that it’s the knowledge of the operator that determines how clean your carpet will be. Be sure the technician in your home has experience, is knowledgeable and carries his IICRC certificate for carpet cleanning.

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Get Your Cleaning Services in Three Simple Steps

  1. Call 319-521-2912 for an appointment to discuss your needs.
  2. When we arrive, we will provide a free estimate, and review all your options.
  3. With your approval, we will clean your carpet and/or upholstery immediately following your estimate.

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